ACP Fire Rated Aluminium Composite Panel

Fire Rated Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP): Classifications & Features of FR-ACP

What is FR ACP?

It is said, safety is not expensive. It is priceless.

Using certified FR material has become the requirement of the hour for each modern structure. The fire-rated aluminium composite panel is a solution to overcome mishappenings caused due to fire.

Planning and safety are two crucial aspects while designing and constructing a building. However, among all the factors, safety becomes the utmost priority. There is a critical concern related to protecting the building that is often overlooked while choosing the appropriate material for the exterior – the flexibility of the panel to resist an accidental fire.

Classification of Fire Rated ACP

When talking of the fire retardant ACP, it has the following mentioned categories:

A1: This type of fire-rated ACP produces no smoke in case any fire occurs. Thus, it is highly non-combustible.
A2: It has high-grade fireproof performance. It is a non-combustible sheet and does not catch fire up to 1200 degrees Celsius.
B1: This fire retardant aluminium composite panel is a grade up in comparison to type B2. It has good fire resistance.
B2: This fire-rated ACP is near to being a non-fire retardant.

Features of Fire-Retardant ACP


Aluminum Composite is the most sustainable, eco-friendly material and one of the earth’s original recyclable materials. The aluminium extracted from the sandwich panels is often recycled with no loss of import quality.

In addition, the fire-rated ACP plays an active part in solar heating and energy-saving systems that make them energy-efficient, sustainable, and environment friendly.


There are some popular modern choices you will be able to avail in fire retardant ACP sheets, using which you can give your building an updated look. Hence, your property will stand out from the crowd after making the choice of a slightly different and more versatile product. These qualities make your exteriors look classy.


ACP sheets are durable, weatherproof, and stain-resistant. The panels can maintain their colour, shape, and size even after exposure to sunlight and weather changes. This property makes them ideal for all seasons. Moreover, durability is defined by how thick the panel is; that is, the more thickness, the more remarkable will be the quality and sturdiness of the aluminium composite panel.

Fire and Dust Resistant

The fire-rated ACP core is formed from minerals that resist fire. Aluminium composite panels have a coat of PVDF or Polyvinylidene fluoride resin to shine to the surface and form it UV-resistant. As a result, these panels are the most effective in harsh weather and promote sound prevention.

These sheets do not let bacteria and microbes sit on the surface and reduce the probabilities of cross-contamination instead. In addition, thanks to its flat and glossy surface, ACP Sheet is easy to scrub dirt and debris. A few drops of water, mild soap, and a soft piece of material can make your aluminium composite panel as good as new.

Fast Application

It is pretty easy to install ACP cladding sheets. It requires minimal effort and is highly flexible. As a result, they are effortless to work with and create extraordinary designs, which may be a tedious task to recreate with other materials.

Corrosion Resistant

Aluminium possesses specific properties that make it resistant to corrosion. Its strength is enhanced by top-notch PVDF paints that play a crucial role in protecting the surface by presenting various physical and mechanical properties. Thus, it makes fire-rated aluminium composite panels the best choice for a more extended living facade.

How does Alstrong UAE help you build a safe, fireproof building?

Alstrong always aims to deliver the most effective quality product to its customers. The fire-rated aluminium composite panel provides a whole package of design-friendly, trustworthy and robust material that makes your building stand firm through many extreme situations that will arise.

A fire proof wood aluminium composite panel is one of the major prerequisites for each modern structure. While laying the building, its foundation is considered the foremost important aspect. It considers the security concerns of the building.

The lives of the substantial human traffic that work, reside or, even visit the building is of the utmost significance. So, choose Alstrong for the best-in-industry services and products.


A fire retardant ACP that adheres to the stringent guidelines is the need for today. It is not only about the beauty of the structures. It is also about the safety of the people. It is the time to make a wise choice and switch to the new means for a better tomorrow.